Best Tattoo removal techniques available in market

Tattoos are always inscribed to be permanent when done. The problem begins when the wearer has a change of mind and heart later and wants it removed. The pain starts then or at least used to. Even a decade back, tattoo removal was an extremely painful process, done through surgical interventions that invariably left behind a scar or mark. Some desperate measures even included microdermabrasion, a process that required the tattoo to be “sand-papered” away with a machine. The scenario is completely different today. Advanced laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technologies have taken the sting out of tattoo removal. Now, a tattoo can be totally eradicated after a few treatment sessions the number if which depends on the colour of the ink and the density of the designs.

However, the best tattoo removal techniques and technologies that are available today can be implemented only if the machines are of the highest standards. Dermatologists or beauty care salons and spas that install these machines have to ensure that they are made from the finest components and manufactured in the best of facilities around the world. In Australia, one of the leading importers and distributors of top of the line IPL and laser operated tattoo removal machines as well IPL hair removal machine is  Universal Medical Aesthetics. They offer their clients a wide range of such machines and even provide training on them to buyers. This is part of their optimised after sales customer support.

The best tattoo removal techniques are carried out on IPL and laser based equipment. This is how the process works. Sharp beams of light that vibrate at nanoseconds are targeted at the tattoo to be removed from a hand held device. These enter the skin and break up the ink into tiny fragments which are then carried away as waste and disposed off by the body’s natural processes. The duration of total elimination of a tattoo varies with the colour of the ink. Black is easier to remove than greens and blues.

Here are two of the best tattoo removal techniques available today.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

These state of the art machines are installed in dermatologists’ clinics and beauty salons and spas. A gel is applied to the area and light is targeted at it from a hand held device. It is comparatively less painful than laser treatments but quite expensive. Charges are usually at a “per pulse” rate and the cost of each session varies with the number of pulses used. This can add up to a tidy sum.

Laser Removal

This is the most common type of tattoo removal treatment. The total process can spread out over eight to ten sessions for blue and green colours and four to five for black. Each session is done after the soreness from the previous one has healed. This can be anything up to a month and hence the total process can take up to a year. The procedure is relatively painless compared to that of inscribing a tattoo. Patients say that it is like a hot rubber band being repeatedly stretched across the skin. Visit for more information on tattoo removal with laser treatments and details of the operational aspects of the equipment.

These two are the most advanced and the best tattoo removal techniques available today.