There is always news everywhere and it is sometimes hard to distinguish the real news from fake news. So here are some tips on how you can distinguish real from fake news:

  1. To decide whether the news is fake or not people must always consider the source of the news.

You must be sure that the source that you have read the news from is reliable. Also everyone has the freedom and access to write the news they wanted to publish. It must always be noted that people should not always believe on what they have read especially on the internet, because some of the news has been already been edited

  1. A reader or viewer must know and check if when and where it was published.

Real news has an author and always puts the date and place it was published and this can assure if the source of the news is real. Knowing the author, when it is published and where are some of the parameters to distinguish fake news from the real ones. Even though some authors write news gathered from other sources they still put links of the sources they’ve added to their news to improve its credibility and avoid plagiarism.

  1. Also having knowledge on the specific news that you are interested in may help to improve predicting if the news was real from fake because you already have the background of the news story.

  1. News has 5 w’s and 1 H meaning who, when, where, what, why and how.

Real news has these 5w’s and 1 H because it explains briefly on what the readers or the viewers must know.